Sunday, February 10, 2008

how important it is to express your feelings towards a person

hie..finally i have sumthing to write in my blog again
here it goes...

hmm.....see it's very normal for a person to have a lot of misunderstandings with another person ....but solving it the right way makes u special fas as i have gone in 14 years of life ....i feel that we should always say what we feel because at times without doing so ...u will only go backwards.....okay
eg this person has been with u for a very long time ....u like the person and at times u feel that u just can't be around the person ...u also feel that u dun like some of the stuff this person does.....u get very irratated but u keep quiet .....(THIS IS WRONG)
as time goes on the person starts to think that u like him/her and he/she continues doing stuff that u dun like ....
there comes a point when u start rebelling and objecting what ever the person says..coz u get really pissed off.....

now the problem starts
the person will feel that u are backstabing on he/she because to the person he/she will feel that u have betrayed him/her u never told the person what u have felt over the as a result to u will usually get into a big fight which will disturb yur mind and isn't really worth it when u could have solved it at the very beginning

this is how many relationships go majorly wrong ....
my advice 'always say what u feel is right and stick to it '
it helps me