Friday, March 7, 2008

read this joke....its freaking funny lah...(a bit disgusting lah )

a man is driving down a highway in the middle of nowhere and he been driving for a long time and is on a business trip. he is in a hurry but needs to shit really bad. he suddenly sees a porta potty and decides to stop there..he goes in and sits down and when he is finished he looks to where the toilet paper should be and there is just a hole that reads "wipe your butt with your pointer and middle fingers and stick them through this hole and they will be licked clean by human lips" the man disgusted sits there for 20 minutes and and realizes he has to do it or he will be late. so he takes his two fingers and wipes his butt and puts them through the hole. on the other side is a guy with two bricks and he winds up and smashes the mans fingers in between the two bricks. the man in excruschiating pain pulls his fingers back and sticks them in his mouth...
i told u it was pretty funny....:)


-Sushitra- said...

YUCKS! disgusting!! but funny.... :P